Free Download Ubuntu 11.04 - Officially Released

If you are Ubuntu Geek than this news is for you, Ubuntu has released the new version of Ubuntu 11.04. You can download it from the previously linked site free of charge. Among the various new features, the Unity interface is set as the default UI, and includes the launcher (an OS X like dock), Its most noticeable change is the application launcher on the left side of the screen. Similar to Windows 7 taskbar, it lets you drag and drop icons to and from it, as well as launch apps quickly and easily. According to the Ubuntu website, the OS can boot in as little as 7 seconds.

The Unity interface was originally conceived for smaller screens on netbooks, and offers easier file management, a new dashboard that gives you easier access to your applications and files, and Workspaces that simplify managing multiple windows. If you don’t like these new interface elements, you can always go back to Ubuntu’s Classic interface.

Driving all of this eye candy is Gnome 2.32.1 (according to Ubuntu Vibes).  If your current equipment is not capable of Unity, the classic desktop experience will kick in as to keep you moving along with minimal lag.  Those of you wanting to experiment with Gnome 3, it cannot be installed via the Ubuntu repositories, and there have been reports of system instabilities post installation, though there is a workaround.  If you're ready to install, there are 3 options for download, one for a CD/USB stick type installation, another to create a second boot partition alongside windows, and another for a standard standalone installation.  The downloads are a one size fits all affair no longer is the Ubuntu Netbook edition or Desktop edition; there's just a single download for all platforms.

Google Data Centers Security and Protection Video Revealed

Google has revealed a video about companies Security and Data Protection measures which has been taken from Google to protect their Data Centers from any damage or theft threats. Its a secret video which has been released from Google for customers to know how Google manage its enterprise customers from harm. The narrator points out, for example, that Google builds its own custom server technology and develops its own secure Linux OS to run its centers.

This seven-minute video emphasis on the security of data centers’ physical security and server reliability protocol. Google utilizes restricted barriers, security fencing, video cameras, security guards and biometric scanners to prevent unauthorized access. The video even features tools such as “the crusher” and “the shredder,” both of which are designed to completely destroy old hard drives so nobody can ever access customer data.

Watch this Video about Google's Security Measures in Google Data Centers.

Download Opera Mini 6 for iPhone and iPad - Free Version

The most popular Web Browser for Mobile Devices "Opera" has released its latest Opera version for Apple iPhone and iPad. Now iPhone and iPad users are also able to experience world’s fastest mobile browsing on their smartphones through Opera Mini 6.

Opera Mini 5 were also a huge hit when Opera made its way to the iPhone. Like other Opera Mini version of various smartphones, Opera Mini 6 for iOS not only allows users to access web pages more quickly over slower connections (thanks to data traffic compression), it also has a number of useful features not found in the native iOS browser, Safari. These features include better panning and zooming for viewing sites that don’t have a mobile style sheet, more adaptive rendering to take advantage of the iPhone 4 retina display, and an easy way to share links or pages via Facebook, Twitter or MyOpera.

For Apple iPad users, the browser has been formatted to fit the larger device. Opera Mini 6 has a nice new UI, some enhanced features and best of all, is free. For that reason, it’s worth a download for users looking for something new, especially if you often work in areas with slow data speeds.

Windows 8 Design, Interface and UI Demo Video Revealed by Microsoft

No more wait for Microsoft Windows 8 first look, Microsoft has officially declared and revealed most awaited version of Windows after Windows 7 codename 'Windows 8'. The Microsoft official event were not streamed live, the video from Computex has now been posted up for everyone to view. The upcoming version of Windows 8 will look a lot like Windows Phone 7. But the familiar PC design is still there to support systems.

Microsoft revealed the design and UI Demo for Windows 8 at the All Things Digital Conference. Microsoft is now borrowing a page from Apple's iOS and Google's Android. Windows 8 takes the colorful tiles and finger-swipe gestures from the Windows Phone operating system and expands them to a larger screen in this demo, 10.6 inches diagonally.

The video goes into detail about Microsoft's next operating system. The video focuses on the tablet interface which shows Microsoft's strategy for combating iOS and Android in the tablet market. In the video, Microsoft Corporate Vice President, Mike Angiulo, takes the stage and shows off the platform in a 32 minute long presentation.

Windows 8 is still in development, so it's unclear how well the system will run on tablets. The demo was silky smooth, but the touchscreen Microsoft used was connected to a hidden desktop computer, rather than contained within the portable hardware.

WAT Remover for Windows 7: Activation Key Genuine

Now you don't have to crack your Windows 7 to make it Genuine. Many people are facing Windows Activation Technology (WAT) problem after installing Windows 7. Now you don’t have to worry about your 30 days trial period, we have a solution to make your Windows 7 Genuine in just a minute and Remove WAT notification.

You don’t have to search Genuine Key for your windows 7 because no serial keys will helps you to make your windows copy genuine accept the license serial keys. After lot of research through the web i have found WAT Remover Tool for Windows 7.

WAT stands for Windows Activation Technology and WAT Remover will remove the messages completely and make your windows 7 copy Genuine. This will work with 32 bit and 64 bit Windows 7 operating systems.

Best Bluetooth Keyboard for iPhone, iPad and Mobile Phones

If you want to work faster in your iPhone, iPad and other Mobile Phones like you work on your Personal Computer, then you can use Bluetooth Keyboard for iPhone and iPad. I have searched many bluetooth keyboards for Mobile Phones and Touchscreen Devices especially for iPhone and iPad, and finally got my hands into most promising and best Bluetooth Keyboard for Mobile Phones, which i am going to review today in my blog.

Verbatim has made bluetooth keyboard specifically designed for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Its Bluetooth capability also works with other mobile phones, but it really shines with Apple devices, with its full set of keyboard shortcuts that worked well with my iPhone. The keyboard’s typing action is like most laptop keyboards rather shallow, but still usable. Touch typists might not like the varied size of the keys, where, for example, the “G” key is slightly smaller, while on the other hand, the “V” key is larger. It’s also strange to have two small space bars, but I got used to it quickly. Still, you’ll have to make slight compromises for this portability.

Looking at the keyboard, it reminds me of the old favorite Palm 3245WW folding Bluetooth keyboard that some people still like so much they’re willing to pay upwards of $200 for it. But this verbatim model goes one step further with a feature that differentiates it from all others: its transport controls let you tend to your music on iPod, iPad or iPhone.

Google Translate App for iPhone With Voice Feature

 Google has now officialy released the Google Translate App for iPhone, this application is providing a feature with a text to translated text, and voice to text translations.

The new application allows for 15 supporters languages to be translated from voice to text. The application works by setting you spoken or written language at the top, and the translated to language next to it. To activate the translation, click on the microphone button beside the text box, and begin speaking.

The voice-to-text translations works for 15 supported languages, including English, French, Chinese, Japanese, Italian and many more. The text-to-text translation comes with over 50 supported languages, allowing you to translate just about any language in the world to your native language.

The application even comes with two handy features, such as full-screen mode, allowing you to magnify your translation to show off to your friends. The second neat feature, is the playback voice button. This feature allows you to play the translation back in any of the 15 supported voice languages.

HTC Sensation 4G Smartphone Reviews and Specification

HTC has introduced its brand new smartphone focusing more on entertainment called "HTC Sensation 4G" also known as "HTC Sense" HTC calling it a "multimedia superphone". HTC Sense 4G having Google's Android operating system and will be exclusively available on T-Mobile in the United States. It will be released sometime this summer, according to the press release from HTC.

The HTC Sensation 4G includes the HTC Watch video feature, an app that provides access to a library of recent movies and television shows. The app's technology lets users begin watching a video without having to wait for the entire file to download, according to HTC. This video feature also lets users buy or rent videos and play them across multiple HTC devices.

The HTC Sensation which had been widely referred to as the HTC Pyramid while it was in development also features HTC's Sense system which, among other things, lets users program their "lock" screen to show social media updates, photos, weather and other media.

World's First Solar Energy Laptop Concept - Sun Powered Backup

The computing technology is really helping humans to make their work easier, more efficient and consume less time with more output. After the revolution of desktop computers and modern technology of laptops, now we have a concept of Worlds First Solar Energy Laptop. Now you won't have to worry about your laptops battery backup, what if your laptop battery charged with solely by the sun?

While there are plenty of solar-powered peripherals that plug into your laptop to boost its battery power, we haven’t yet seen a model that runs solely on solar. Industrial Designer Andrea Ponti's concept for the Luce Solar Panel Powered PC could become the greenest laptop ever made.

Apple iOS 5.0 and iCloud Details and Features Information

Apple has finally announced its upcoming iOS 5.0 firmware version for Mac and iDevices at annual WWDC event. Steve Jobs holds the mike to announce the new flagship of software suites for Mac and iDevices, Apple announced that to date, they have had more than 14 billion downloads, with over 90,000 iPad apps. They have paid developers more than $2.5 billion dollars so far.

Apple started off the new feature list with notifications. Apple has removed the old notification popup system for a more inline notification system, making it less annoying when you're watching a video or playing a game. The 'notification center' will act similar to Android, where your menu swipes down, revealing alerts for all of your phone, messages, emails and more. The notification center is even on your lock screen too.

The lock screen has received a major update, allowing for notifications from apps, messages, and even listening to voice mail without having to slide to unlock the phone.

iOS 5.0 also comes with 'Newsstand', a new subscription-based application that has a ton of newspaper and magazine companies on board, including New York Times, SF Chronicle, Daily Telegraph, and more.

How to: Upgrade to Apple iOS 5 Firmware - Tutorial

If you want to upgrade to a new Apple iOS 5 firmware version and if you don't know how to upgrade to a new Apple iOS 5.0 firmware version, than this tutorial will helps you to upgrade to a new Apple i OS 5.0 firmware without being a professional developer. This method was created by Apple lover Mert Erdir. It takes advantage of a backdoor exploit in the activation screen, which is tied to the VoiceOver system used by Apple. It was reported on at Gizmodo, if you want to see the article.

Warning: This is not to be attempted if you do not wish to block carrier access. TechGlobeX is not responsible for any damage that may occur, even loss of data that may occur. Remember; proceed at your own risk!

Windows Phone to Overtake iPhone by 2015 - IDC Report

According to the latest IDC report regarding Worldwide Smartphone Operating System Market Share, IDC has declared that the Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 will overtake the market share of the Apple's iPhone by 2015. In fact under the figures, the iPhone market share would decrease with Android taking the lead with 43.8% in 2015. Google's Android will keep its top spot in 2015, grabbing almost 44 percent of the global market, while Apple's iOS will hug third place with a 16.9 percent share.

The researchers believes that by switching to Windows Phone as the core OS on its devices, Nokia will provide the kick that Microsoft needs, especially in global regions where Nokia has enjoyed robust demand. Microsoft's mobile OS will continue to hang onto a small chunk of the market until 2012 when IDC expects Windows Phone-equipped Nokia devices to start shipping in large numbers.

IOS's market share is expected to inch down from its current 18.2 percent, Apple will still see a dramatic increase in smartphone shipment growth through the end of 2015. In second place this year, Symbian will quickly lose market share as Nokia phases it out in favor of Windows Phone. By 2015, IDC sees Symbian's market share as virtually nil. The IDC Report also mentions the decrease of the iOS and BlackBerry slightly due to being squeezed, essentially, into a smaller area of the market. They place the reasoning for Android's growth on the popularity it has with phone manufacturers and vendors.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Smartphone Review - Hardware & Software Details

Samsung is now become the most promising company in term of Smartphone's and Tablet computing development. Samsung has recently launched its new family member of its Samsung Galaxy Tab known as Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 device with lots of powerful feature’s. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, in its current form, was born out of a response to Apple's sleek and thin iPad tablet. The original Galaxy Tab 10.1, which hadn't reached market yet, just couldn't compete, so Samsung went back the drawing board and turned out this beauty of a tablet in record time. And this one can compete.

The original 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab was the only major iPad competitor to be released in 2010, but it was hampered by the inclusion of Android 2.2 very much an OS designed for mobile phones rather than tablets. However with the release of the tablet-tastic Android 3.1 this year, the iPad 2 is about to come up against some serious competition.
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 features a large, wide-screen display that looks sharp and bright, and it rests inside a body that is incredibly thin and light. This 10-inch tablet weighs less than a number of smaller tablets on the market, yet it still packs a dual-core 1GHz processor and the latest version of Android 3.1 Honeycomb.

There still aren't very many tablet-specific Android apps, and those that exist are not that easy to find in the Android Market, but the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is still a desirable piece of kit.

10 Facts and Personal Details About Bill Gates - Success Story Revealed

As we know Microsoft's founder "Bill Gates" is one of the powerful personality of I.T. Industry today and most of the people wants to be like him. Many people know the Success Story of Bill Gates as Microsoft Chairman, but no one knows the actual facts about his personal and professional life. Microsoft's founder Bill Gates (the world's second-richest person) has revealed some personal details in interview with the Daily Mail which you have never heard before.

In interview with Daily Mail, Bill Gates has shared some of the secret which mostly people are not aware with. These facts are the true reason behind his success, So today in TechGlobeX we will tell you 10 Facts and Personal Details about Bill Gates which you should have to know and aware of.

Google Voice Search and Google Instant Images Feature Launched

Google has recently launched its new search feature for Google Chrome users called Google Voice Search. Android users are very well aware of voice to enable Google Search feature because its self includes in Android-based Smartphones. According to the Official Google Blog, the company has just today enabled searching using its web site via voice for PC users. This new feature which is exclusively available for Google's own Chrome Web Browser at the moment. Users will be able to see a microphone icon on the Google Search button. Chrome users can simply click on it and speak their search phrase or terms (assuming they have a microphone installed of course). At the moment only English is supported by the new Google Search PC voice feature.

In addition, Google have also introduced another smart feature that debuted on the Android has made its way to the PC desktop. It's the Search Images feature at  By using this feature you can upload an image or even plug in an image URL and then the Search Images features will try to find out things like a location and more. The feature will be available in 40 languages and will be supported by both Chrome and Firefox web browsers via extensions.


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