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Amazing iPhone Gadgets - HMB TEC Real Pocket Fan for iPhone

amazing iphone gadgets hmb tec real pocket fan plug

HMB-TEC Real Pocket Fan for iPhone

from HMB-TECPut an iPocketFan In Your Pocket. The “Summer Hit of 2011″. Hot days happen. Be cool with the iPocketFan, a pleasant, fresh breeze from the iPhone. Use our little mini-fan for office, club, holiday, car, beach, events, whenever it’s hot. Simply plug into the headphone jack, run the iPocketFan App from the App Store, and enjoy feeling fresh.
amazing iphone gadgets hmb tec real pocket fan blade
Technical Specifications of the HMB-TEC ® Real Pocket Fan Plug:
• No battery required
• Max. 10mA current consumption
• Power from headphone jack
• 100Hz AC
• Ipocket Fan App in the App Store
amazing iphone gadgets hmb tec real pocket fan hmb-tec

HMB-TEC of Germany has created an eclectic and eccentric collection of hardware gadgets that plug into the 3.5mm headphone jack of an iPhone, and couple with their apps.

10 Unusual Things You Didn't Know About Steve Jobs
1) Nature versus Nurture. His sister is Mona Simpson but he didn't know it until he was an adult. Mona Simpson was one of my favorite novelists from the late 80s. Her first novel, Anywhere but Here, was about her relationship with her parents. Which, ironically, were Steve Jobs' parents. But since Steve Jobs was adopted (see below), they didn't know they were brother-sister until the 90s when he tracked her down. It's proof (to an extent) of the nature versus nurture argument. Two kids, without knowing they were brother and sister, both having a unique sensibility of life on this planet to become among the best artists in the world in completely different endeavors. And, to me it was great that I was a fan of both without realizing (even before they realized) that they were related.

2) His father's name is Abdulfattah Jandali. If you had to ask me what Steve Jobs' father's name was I never in one zillion years would've guessed that and that Steve Jobs biologically was half Syrian Muslim. For some reason I thought he was Jewish. Maybe it's because I wanted to be him so I projected my own background onto him. His parents were two graduate students who I guess weren't sure if they were ready for a kid so put him up for adoption and then a few years later had another kid (see above). So I didn't know he was adopted. The one requirement his biological parents had was that he be adopted by two college-educated people. But the couple that adopted him lied at first and turned out not to be college educated (the mom was not a high school graduate), so the deal almost fell through until they promised to send Steve to college. A promise they couldn't keep (see below). So despite many layers of lies and promises broken, it all worked out in the end. People can save a lot of hassle by not having such high expectations and overly ambitious worries in the first place.
3) He made the game "Breakout." If there was one thing I loved almost as much as the games on the Apple II+, it was playing Breakout on my first-generation Atari (I can't remember, was that the Atari 2600?). And then Breakout on every version of my Blackberry since 2000. If he had never done anything else in life and I had met him and he said, "I'm the guy who made Breakout," I would've said, "you are the greatest genius of the past 100 years." Funny how things turn out. He went on from Atari to form Apple. Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari, went to form the greatest restaurant chain in the history of mankind: Chuck E. Cheese.

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  1 | Facebook
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Top 15 Most Popular Search Engines

  1 | Google
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2 | bing
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