Reason why the Titanic ship was sank down
Into the history of the world 1912 was one of the sad day for the people of this world because that year world largest ship named as Titanic was shank down. Titanic ship was shank down while it get hit on an huge iceberg and huge number of the people were dead in that accident. The reason why this ship got to hit on that ice berg was one of the mysterious thing to the people of world. But now the mystery has flashed out on Wednesday 22, 2010. Due to the basic steering error the huge ship has come to get hit an iceberg. This revel was just told by the Louise Patten who is one of the writer and the grand daughter of the Titanic second officer Charles Lightoller who have reveled the truth that had happened nearly about 100 years ago had been hidden for fear of tarnishing reputation of her grand father; who later became the war hero. Lightoller , most senior officer to have survive disaster, covered up error in two inquiries on the both sides of Atlantic because he was worried it would bankrupt ill fated liners’ owner & put his colleague out of the job. “instead of the steering Titanic safely round to left of iceberg, once this had been spotted dead ahead, steerman, Robert Hitchins, had panicked & turned it wrong way.”

Patten, who made revelation to coincide with publication of her new novel “ Good As Gold” into which her account of the events are woven, said that conversion from sail ships to the steam meant there were two different steering system. Crucially, one system is meant for turning wheel one way & another in completely opposite directions. Patten also added that “once the mistake made than they have only four minute to change the course & by time (first Officer William) Murdoch spotted the Hitchin’s mistake & then tried to rectify it, but that was too late.” The grand father of Patten wasn’t on watch at the time of collision but he was present at the final meeting of ship officers before Titanic went down.

There he not only heard about the fatal mistake but  also fact that J.Bruce Ismay, chairman of the Titanic ‘s owner White Star Line persuaded captain to continue sailing, sinking ship hour faster than would otherwise have happened. Patten also said that “ If the Titanic had stood till, than she would have survived at least until rescue ship came and no one need have died.”

Titanic was the world’s largest and biggest passenger ship which left Southampton, England, for the New York on it’s maiden voyage on 1912, April 10, four days into trip and which hit the iceberg and get sank taking more than the 1500 passenger with it.

Seven Unknown Facts About Bruce Lee 

1. Bruce Was Born in America

Although born in America, Bruce Lee was grown up in Hong Kong. He would get into fights very often in his teens, and after a particularly bloody fight including a trip to police station, he was sent back to America by his family.

2. He Dropped Out Of The University

In America, at the end of his junior year in 1964, Bruce decided to drop out of the university to dedicate himself to martial arts. He thought he would join the list of people like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, who became famous despite dropping their studies.

3. He Was Badly Injured

He grievously injured his back during one of the practice sessions for The Green Hornet series in 1970. The doctors asked him to forget Kung Fu. But for someone who loved martial arts so much, this was too devastating a blow to take. Although he took physical rest for 6 months, his mind worked furiously and he wrote down many ideas and methods of martial arts. After 6 months, he himself started practicing them, moderately at first and vigorously with time, and then resumed to his teaching. But his back remained as a source of pain through out his life.

4. Many Opportunities Were Stolen From Him

After The Green Hornet series, he did not get any television work. The movie he acted in, The Silent Flute, was a flop. At that time, Warner Bros have contacted him asking help in developing a TV series based on martial arts. He gave them many ideas which were used in the famous TV series Kung Fu which starred David Carradine, and not Bruce Lee. Warner Bros themselves admitted that they never even considered Bruce for that role.

5. His Practice Was Vigorous

After his recovery from the back injury, Bruce Lee practiced incessantly to get back the previous vigor in his body. There are records which show that he practiced kicks up to thousand times a day.

6. He Loved Reading

Bruce Lee had a vast collection of books, and still looked for new books every time he went out. He read not just the books on martial arts, but books on personal growth. He even liked novice writers of his time like Napoleon Hill, Norman Vincent Peale and Clement Stone.

7. His Success Came from a Less-Than-Perfect Victory

Bruce Lee was once challenged in the 1960s, for revealing the secrets of Chinese to others. He won the fight, but he was not happy: He took 3 minutes to win the fight when he could have completed in one minute. This less-than-perfect experience had made him modify the traditional martial arts to make them more deadly and powerful.

Dedication, determination and confidence that he can achieve what he wants are what that made him successful.


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