Google introduce Google phone
It does not look that only the Apple is grabbing the pie in the world of the mobile gadget with the high anticipated iPhones from the conference in the 2007 January but the Google is also setting their sight on lucrative PDA mobile phones gadgets in the market. It is found that the Google is in the discussions with the orange which is a mobile services providers or the operator in the United Kingdom (UK) for designing the one of the brand new mobile phones branded by the Google which has the great usages of the Internet in the mobile phones as it is easy in using the internet in the desktop of the computers and the laptops.

Newly introduced Vuzix iWear for the Gamers and the Movie Fanatics

vuzix iwear
This newly introduced Vuzix iWear is a portable gaming system device where you can hooked up with your favorite gaming systems like your iPods, iPhones or the DVD players. This Vuzix iWear help you to enjoy by providing wide screen display view from 44” to 51” and viewed as 9ft” who want to have theirs own privacy while playing or watching the games. With this device what you have to do is just put on this cool & light hi-tech shades as you were your eye glasses and insert the earphone and get enjoy with full 2D and 3D home cinema just imbedded in front of your own head. The newly introduced Vuzix iWear has two different models one of it is AV230XL feature 1000:1 which have very high contrast display and is equal to 44” wide screen with the integrated eyes focus. And the next model is Vuzix Wrap which has 280 Wide screens packed with the both 2D/3D videos in 4:3 and upto the 16:9 high resolutions ration.

Latest technology: Visual Memory
Into the science innovations there has introduced different kinds of interesting things which has even not in our mind too. Lots of companies and people inventing different kinds of latest technology gadgets which blew our mind too. Similarly some technology company has introduced a visual memory in bracelet. As similar when we take something that make our memories come alive in our hand; this visual memory device make you alive of those memories too. Performances of this visual memory like the resolutions and the memory eventually reach their usability saturations point. This visual memory is like wrist watch which we can were easily wear on our wrist and it seems like some kinds of accessories rather than the highly functional tool. If you look into the landscape through the opening than this bracelet will capture the visual image in the angles adapting to distance from viewer’s faces through the distance sensors installed in device. Here the users can easily browse through visual image on it’s viewer and also displays them just like pictures frame.

Latest Technology Gadgets Martin Jetpack: Fly at 63MPH

If we see the science and technology before and today than we can have very huge difference between that periods. Before few years we use to say it is vague that we can fly ourselves but now the science and technology has reached to this level that technology can make us to fly.  We have never guessed this; that we will fly. Yes this is now able that we can fly by using the jetpack on our back. This latest technology has just design by the Martin Aircraft Company and it’s Martin Jetpack.
This latest  technology jetpack can fly up to 8000 feet which is enough for the most of the people and their wants. With the help of this jetpack you will be able to fly maximum 31.5 miles, if talk about it’s speed than this Martin Jetpack can fly at the speed of upto 63 mph.  This technology has dimension of 468 X 351 and this Jetpack need full tank of gases for the half and hour flight which seems some how more. And the Martin Jetpack company still has some of the limitations which requires the improvements.

Android OS 2.1 Tablet: Disgo Tablet 6000
As we all know that tablets are becoming popular these days the main drawback of these tablets is they are much more  expensive in the market. But if you hear about the Android Tablet you will get surprise with it’s price Disgo which has been released in affordable price in the market. This model from the Disgo comes with the simple name as Tablet 6000. This tablet has thickness of 14.6mm but the main attractive part of  this tablet is it has comes with 7 inch 800 X 480 touch screen display. Disgo Tablet 6000 has 256 RAM and 2GB internal memory and can support SD card upto 32 GB.

Electronic wrist watch with a mobile phone
Everyday new technologies are inventing and this new technology is making our work very easy. Due to the latest technology our life is becoming much easier than we think.

Electronic wrist watch with mobile phone

Electronic wrist watch with mobile phone 
With the help of such technology we can do most of the work with in single click or we can say with in few seconds. Similarly if we see the history of the technology invent than it is uncountable and we would not have determine that this technology will rise in such level; previously before few years there introduced a clock to make us easy to watch the time and to reach & do our work in time and after that lately mobile phone introduced for helping us to talk with our friends and family for the communications. But now see where the technology has reached; this time technology has come with the wrist watch and mobile phone at the same time.

Internet TV:Sony Google TV HDTVs
Have you ever heard about internet TV? If not than friends let’s have
known. As we all know that Sony is the world’s biggest company and since it has established this Sony company is providing different kind of good quality of products to the people such as camera, phones, TV etc. So similarly  this company has now introduced the new gadget to the people; yes this is Internet TV: Sony Google TV HDTVs.  Much awaited TV of Sony has officially introduced named as Google TV and this lunch includes the four different HDTVs with the inches of 24 incher, 32 incher, 40 incher and 46 incher  & the price of these TVs starts from only $599 to $1399. This HDTVs has come with the white set top  box and is built in Blu-ray player costing $399. This is one of the newly introduced TV in which you can enjoy an experience of a lifetime.
According to the Mike Abary the senior vice president of the Sony’s Home Division “ Sony Internet TV is world’s first HDTV which combines big screen impact of the Television & full Internet search to the deliver an unrivaled entertainment experience.” “In this TV you can easily search your favorite Television programmes and the websites on same screen at the same time” he added too.

ION Technologies Biometric Security Flash Drive in 2010

ION Technologies is going to launch an ultimate security flash drive using Biometric fingerprint detector in this 2010 Thanks to the latest patent they’ve received. This USB flash drive will be the best rival for IronKey Flash drive in securing data!

The Flash drive looks thin enough, comes with a flip over cover to protect the OLED Screen which double as the fingerprint detector. The USB plug is retractable so it will hide below the OLED screen when you flip the cover to the close position.

Cool Computer Gadgets

Gadgets are those technological objects, being them devices or objects using devices. They have particular functions and that's why they are considered smarter than the normal technological objects. Gadgets can be divided in several types as Mechanical Gadgets (e.g. watches, bicycle), Electronic Gadgets (printers, mobile phones, TVs), Programmable Gadgets and Application Gadgets (Google Map, GPS).

The Gadgets actually express an innovative idea, of doing unusual activities, activities which are mostly used to facilitate some jobs or ways to do things.

Nowadays, people are fascinated by the technology and its fast forwarding mode, because many of the technology's ideas help them in several activities or help them just having fun.


HereAfter PC

Everybody likes the idea of an ultra portable personal computer in the shape of a bracelet because they can wear it on their wrists without feeling they are carrying it.

Many designers are trying to create PC concepts to fulfill the needs of all types of people targeting most of the market sectors.
Heartfarer PC

I don’t find its name very attractive or suggestive but Heartfarer is one of the concepts adopting the idea of a mobile handset wearable on the wrist and compared with other designs, it seems more practical, smaller and stylish.
Heartfarer PC
It would really look good on anyone’s wrist, and that counts a lot, in my opinion.

PS3 Slim

 The PS3 Slim comes with a 120 GB capacity and built in Wi-Fi connectivity. There are 2 USB ports which will come in handy when you want to plug in some external storage devices or charge the Bluetooth wireless controller. It maintains the same Profile 2.0 Blu-ray player and it supports playback of file formats such as MPEG-1, MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 videos taken from disc based media or USB. You can also view pictures in the JPEG format and there is even a slideshow feature. The PS3 has the capacity of acting as a digital media hub and this means you can stream the content from any network device which is DLNA compatible. Aside from all these features, there is also a built in internet browser.


Cool Gadget Goggles

The Vuzix Wrap 310 is a special and cool product which can be bought for $249. Even I they look just like a fancy pair of sunglasses, the Vuzix Wrap can do much more than make you look like Neo from the movie Matrix. This gizmo is considered to be the first wearable display in the world. This pair of glasses comes with one AV cable and the controller needs 2 AA batteries to run. Using the included AV cable, you can connect the Vuzix Wrap 310 to a DVD player. The screen is pretty good for most people to enjoy a movie and this Wrap also makes a good combination with your iPod as well. Unfortunately, you do have to put up with a lot of wires and no one likes to walk down the street or in the park with such a great number of wires hanging around. Even with this negative aspect, these glasses are still some on the best video goggles that money can buy in our days.

Apple 3G iPhone

Today you are invited to discover or recall the latest gadgets in technology, which marked our personal entertainment experience and work productivity during last year. They are all complex devices capable to perform intensive tasks, but coming in simple designs with user-friendly interfaces.

If we start with the communication sector, first gadget we will think of is, of course, the popular iPhone 3G, Apple’s latest release, which is the world’s first and only multi-touchscreen cell phone available for customers worldwide. This innovative technology introduced by Microsoft’s Surface table, allows you to control applications on your phone using your fingers for typing on the on-screen keyboard, glide through albums, scroll through pictures, and zoom web pages, all by touching the multi-touch display layer placed on a capacitive panel in charge with detecting your pressing via electrical fields. Your touch is then sent to the LCD screen under this layer, processed by special software, and interpreted as flicks, taps and pinches.


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