Latest technology: Visual Memory
Into the science innovations there has introduced different kinds of interesting things which has even not in our mind too. Lots of companies and people inventing different kinds of latest technology gadgets which blew our mind too. Similarly some technology company has introduced a visual memory in bracelet. As similar when we take something that make our memories come alive in our hand; this visual memory device make you alive of those memories too. Performances of this visual memory like the resolutions and the memory eventually reach their usability saturations point. This visual memory is like wrist watch which we can were easily wear on our wrist and it seems like some kinds of accessories rather than the highly functional tool. If you look into the landscape through the opening than this bracelet will capture the visual image in the angles adapting to distance from viewer’s faces through the distance sensors installed in device. Here the users can easily browse through visual image on it’s viewer and also displays them just like pictures frame.

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