Latest Technology Gadgets Martin Jetpack: Fly at 63MPH

If we see the science and technology before and today than we can have very huge difference between that periods. Before few years we use to say it is vague that we can fly ourselves but now the science and technology has reached to this level that technology can make us to fly.  We have never guessed this; that we will fly. Yes this is now able that we can fly by using the jetpack on our back. This latest technology has just design by the Martin Aircraft Company and it’s Martin Jetpack.
This latest  technology jetpack can fly up to 8000 feet which is enough for the most of the people and their wants. With the help of this jetpack you will be able to fly maximum 31.5 miles, if talk about it’s speed than this Martin Jetpack can fly at the speed of upto 63 mph.  This technology has dimension of 468 X 351 and this Jetpack need full tank of gases for the half and hour flight which seems some how more. And the Martin Jetpack company still has some of the limitations which requires the improvements.

This is one of the most wonderful latest technology gadgets which will make human to fly but we are unknown about it’s price and it’s releasing date. Let’s hope that we will get more information about it very soon.

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