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Everybody likes the idea of an ultra portable personal computer in the shape of a bracelet because they can wear it on their wrists without feeling they are carrying it.

Many designers are trying to create PC concepts to fulfill the needs of all types of people targeting most of the market sectors.
Heartfarer PC

I don’t find its name very attractive or suggestive but Heartfarer is one of the concepts adopting the idea of a mobile handset wearable on the wrist and compared with other designs, it seems more practical, smaller and stylish.
Heartfarer PC
It would really look good on anyone’s wrist, and that counts a lot, in my opinion.

The main functions of Heartfarer are the GPS geotagging and tracking so you can share with others pictures and videos tagged with the location they were taken, the time, date and other details.

When you’re in a new place while traveling you can receive what others have geotagged there and discover new nature secrets interesting enough to make you visit them.
Heartfarer PC

This PC concept is meant to get rid of the limitation of time and place allowing the user to see images from different seasons showing various scenes captured by strangers.

In the designer’s view, Heartfarer would measure about 5 x 35 x 2 cm and comes with functions like mobile phone, multimedia device, touch-sensitive flexible display on its entire surface, and voice commands based on voice recognition software.
Heartfarer PC

It can also detect which of your friends are in the close proximity, similar with the FluxPC and Harmonious, and alert you by displaying some details about him/her, while offering you the possibility to send them songs or other media if they are using the same computer model.

The flexible display can take any appearance you choose: it can get all black or it can imitate a stainless steel bracelet.
Heartfarer PC

We could see things from another angle if we like. For example it can be used by advertising dealers as a business model via which the user receives free hardware and service.

And to end the description, I will add that Heartfarer’s built-in camera is rotatable at 360 degrees and is exactly the bracelet’s lock.
Heartfarer PC

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