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Today you are invited to discover or recall the latest gadgets in technology, which marked our personal entertainment experience and work productivity during last year. They are all complex devices capable to perform intensive tasks, but coming in simple designs with user-friendly interfaces.

If we start with the communication sector, first gadget we will think of is, of course, the popular iPhone 3G, Apple’s latest release, which is the world’s first and only multi-touchscreen cell phone available for customers worldwide. This innovative technology introduced by Microsoft’s Surface table, allows you to control applications on your phone using your fingers for typing on the on-screen keyboard, glide through albums, scroll through pictures, and zoom web pages, all by touching the multi-touch display layer placed on a capacitive panel in charge with detecting your pressing via electrical fields. Your touch is then sent to the LCD screen under this layer, processed by special software, and interpreted as flicks, taps and pinches.

The on-screen keyboard is different than what you are used with. It adapts its keys and layout for different applications and 21 languages, according to the current mode.
Another technology used in the iPhone, as well as in other high-end handsets on the market, include the accelerometer sensor based on silicon springs that measure the silicon mass position using electrical current, which enables the phone to rotate its image automatically when turned sideways.

The Ambient Light Sensor detects changes in the light conditions and adjusts the display brightness automatically, while the Proximity Sensor feels when something larger than your fingers gets close, turning off the display to save power and to avoid accidental touches on the screen.

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