Cool Computer Gadgets

Gadgets are those technological objects, being them devices or objects using devices. They have particular functions and that's why they are considered smarter than the normal technological objects. Gadgets can be divided in several types as Mechanical Gadgets (e.g. watches, bicycle), Electronic Gadgets (printers, mobile phones, TVs), Programmable Gadgets and Application Gadgets (Google Map, GPS).

The Gadgets actually express an innovative idea, of doing unusual activities, activities which are mostly used to facilitate some jobs or ways to do things.

Nowadays, people are fascinated by the technology and its fast forwarding mode, because many of the technology's ideas help them in several activities or help them just having fun.


Did you ever in the summer, while you were at work, thought about a cold cold juice or cold water or whatever drinks refreshes you? Of course you were sitting at your computer, with no mood to work because it's too hot in there, and near you there is no fridge and of course your launch break is finished. Well, welcome in the modern Era. I present you the FRIDGE for USB.

It has an USB Cable through which you can connect the USB Fridge to your computer. The fridge starts to work and your can of Cola will be cold as ice.

Further more, I will give you examples of cool computer gadgets and through this maybe I'll give you some ideas of gifts.

The Flexible USB LED Light is made to be used by Laptops and Notebooks and it's perfect when you are having room mates, and you don't want to disturb them with the light from your room. You connect the lamp to the Laptop through the USB Cable, and the light will be just for you and your room mates will be graceful because you let them have a good sleep.


Smart E Bear is perfect when your kids are having too much energy, or if you don't have time for them. The Smart E Bear is an incredible Teddy Bear, which, when connected to computer (through USB cable) is runs a program that has in its memory lots of story and songs for your kinds. It can also talk to the kids by saying their names (it has more than 1000 of names in its database). All you have to do is to tell the Teddy bear what to do, and it can be the perfect nanny.


CanCam is perfect for you if you want to find out who is entering your office or record things that happens when you are not present in a specific place. It is a spy camera which records voices and images just if you connect it to a computer using the USB cable.

It is absolutely perfect because no one will actually notice that it is a spy cam, because it has the shape of a Coca-Cola Can, unless someone may want to drink a glass of Cola.


Are you tired of buying hundreds of pens and when you need pen, you never have one? Now is time for revenge and teach people to use their own pen. The Shocking Pen can be a source of fun but it is also the pen that will be yours forever.


If a person comes in your office, and tries to take in hand the pen, that person will have some shocks from the pen and its special circuits , and will leave alone your pen forever. In this way, you don't need to buy anymore lots of pens. Well, unfortunately this pen has no ink to write as it's just a joke, but they will teach your colleagues that should not take what does not belong to them.



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