Newly introduced Vuzix iWear for the Gamers and the Movie Fanatics

vuzix iwear
This newly introduced Vuzix iWear is a portable gaming system device where you can hooked up with your favorite gaming systems like your iPods, iPhones or the DVD players. This Vuzix iWear help you to enjoy by providing wide screen display view from 44” to 51” and viewed as 9ft” who want to have theirs own privacy while playing or watching the games. With this device what you have to do is just put on this cool & light hi-tech shades as you were your eye glasses and insert the earphone and get enjoy with full 2D and 3D home cinema just imbedded in front of your own head. The newly introduced Vuzix iWear has two different models one of it is AV230XL feature 1000:1 which have very high contrast display and is equal to 44” wide screen with the integrated eyes focus. And the next model is Vuzix Wrap which has 280 Wide screens packed with the both 2D/3D videos in 4:3 and upto the 16:9 high resolutions ration.

vuzix iwear
This both model can play videos of 6 hours non stop by simply using the alkaline batteries or simply by using single lithium battery for non stop cinema actions and both model price is started from £179.95 at firebox.

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