Google introduce Google phone
It does not look that only the Apple is grabbing the pie in the world of the mobile gadget with the high anticipated iPhones from the conference in the 2007 January but the Google is also setting their sight on lucrative PDA mobile phones gadgets in the market. It is found that the Google is in the discussions with the orange which is a mobile services providers or the operator in the United Kingdom (UK) for designing the one of the brand new mobile phones branded by the Google which has the great usages of the Internet in the mobile phones as it is easy in using the internet in the desktop of the computers and the laptops.

According to the information it is come to know that the Gphone or the Google phone will be one of the smart phone or the PDA (Personal Data Assistant) powered by the Window Mobile & manufactured by the HTC which is one of the leading Taiwanese firm for creating the Windows Mobiles phones and the smart phones. Together with the logo of the Google and the logo of the orange logo will be imprinted too, with the LCD screens which is similar to the iPod videos. The main things in the Google phone or the Gphone is it will be built in the Google softwares or we can say G-apps which will improve the speed of the internet surfing best than the other mobile handsets. It is found that the G-apps will include the facilities like the Google Maps, Gmail, Google earth, mobile search, the web search with the GPS functionality and it also event include the ability to streams the Youtube videos smoothly to mobile phones.

This Google phone or the Gphone will one of the benefits for those who would like to use and have the Google always in theirs hand no matter wherever they are and wherever they will be. This Google phone is one of the best mobile phones that have ever introduced in the 21st century.

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