Internet TV:Sony Google TV HDTVs
Have you ever heard about internet TV? If not than friends let’s have
known. As we all know that Sony is the world’s biggest company and since it has established this Sony company is providing different kind of good quality of products to the people such as camera, phones, TV etc. So similarly  this company has now introduced the new gadget to the people; yes this is Internet TV: Sony Google TV HDTVs.  Much awaited TV of Sony has officially introduced named as Google TV and this lunch includes the four different HDTVs with the inches of 24 incher, 32 incher, 40 incher and 46 incher  & the price of these TVs starts from only $599 to $1399. This HDTVs has come with the white set top  box and is built in Blu-ray player costing $399. This is one of the newly introduced TV in which you can enjoy an experience of a lifetime.
According to the Mike Abary the senior vice president of the Sony’s Home Division “ Sony Internet TV is world’s first HDTV which combines big screen impact of the Television & full Internet search to the deliver an unrivaled entertainment experience.” “In this TV you can easily search your favorite Television programmes and the websites on same screen at the same time” he added too.

The senior vice president corporative executive and president of Home Entertainment Business Group Bob Ishida also added that “we all are very much proud to be pioneers of the new entertainment category by delivering world’s first Internet TV experience. The Sony Internet TV has created the value by introducing the latest new & compelling ways for enjoying the variety of the content.
The best features of this HDTV is this is built in WiFi with the newly added custom applications which is known as Sony Oriocity and the VOD player come pre installed with the features such as Netflix, Napster, CNBC, Pandora and many more and this Sony HDTVs will  be available by October 24.

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