Energy Saving Dialug Twist-Timer Wall Plugs


The Dialug looks like a traditional timer for a reason; it actually puts charging computers and gadgets on a timer so that people don’t end up charging their devices for hours on end needlessly. It works very easily as well. Simply place the Dialug counter-clockwise to power devices during regular use and clockwise in order to set a timer for gadgets that need only limited time of power.

Conceived and designed by DanBee Lee, JangSoo Kim, KyoYeon Kim and WooRi Kim, the Dialug is an eco-friendly solution to accidental waste of electricity. Not only does it make users more mindful of their power consumption, it provides a foolproof way to avoid such waste. Unless, of course, people forget to set the timer. 


Time Your Power
Eco Timer Chargers 

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  1. I love it when people take time out to post about technical stuff others are likely to have problems with. I really think that it is a form of altruism. This is a good post mate.



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