Portable Applications for your USB Thumb Drive


The cost of USB Thumb Drive has dropped significantly during the past few years. To make use of the amount of storage in those drives, I recommend the use of this PortableApps.

PortableApps is a collection of portable software that allow customers to add to USB Thumb Drive. There are a total of 12 different applications for your everyday use. It also included a user menu as illustrated in one of the picture I attached.

The list of these application in the standard version includes:

PortableApps Suite (Standard Edition):
  • ClamWin Portable (antivirus),
  • Mozilla Firefox - Portable Edition (web browser),
  • Gaim Portable (instant messaging),
  • OpenOffice.org Portable (office suite),
  • Sudoku Portable (puzzle game),
  • Mozilla Sunbird - Portable Edition (calendar/task manager)
  • Mozilla Thunderbird - Portable Edition (email client) and runs comfortably from a 512MB drive.
Website to download - http://portableapps.com/suite

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