Latest Invention: Fuel Cell Charger that Runs on Methanol

Recently Toshiba presented its limited amount of 3,000 units of methanol fuel cell charger. The company called its new invention Dynario. The device makes use of a single 14ml refill of methanol that can initiate the process of recharging device in just 20 seconds.

It would be interesting to note that one shot of methanol is enough to fully charge two mobile phones.

Toshiba's new invention runs on a fusion of methanol and atmospheric oxygen. The electricity is generated as a result of a chemical reaction between the two. Currently the 3,000 units of the methanol fuel cell charger are available only at Shop1048 in Japan. One unit can be acquired for around $330. One replacement methanol fuel pack costs around $6, informs EnviroGadget.

At the moment the company is very cautions with launching the device in other countries. However, its test run is expected to become successful.


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