Air-Conditioned Clothes - Alternative Of The Electric Fans

Damage of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant because of earthquake forces Japanese to reduce their power usage to 15 percent, therefore to overcome this power shortage a Japanese company Kuchofuku Co. Ltd is aiming to create air-conditioned clothes that help the wearer to remain cool in summer without any external source.

Air-conditioned clothes will consist of two electric fans that can be controlled by the wearer to change the speed of the fans. These high-tech clothes will be a great relief for the employees working at the hot construction sites like automobile giants, steelmakers, food companies and construction firms.

 Source: GeekSuper


  1. Wow I like this air conditioned cloths. I think it's nice alternative . Salut to person who developed it. Now we do not need to buy fan from outside an no need to waste out hard earn money. Nice post. I like it.



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