Electronic Tattoos For Monitoring Brain And Muscle Activity

John A. Rogers , who is a professor of materials science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, has developed a flexible electronic device known as electronic tattoo that make it feasible for the doctors to monitor the heart, brain, and muscle activity of the patient. This new ultra-thin electronics resembled to a tattoo which can stick to skin for sometime and during this time doctor can diagnose and monitor the health condition of the patient.

Actually, Rogers was trying to make a flexible device that can replicate the bulky electrocardiograms and some other monitoring machines and for this purpose he did some research. He made a device that is composed of incredibly thin silicon which can be deformed without breaking.
This electronic tattoo has electrodes which help the doctors in measuring the electric signals produced by muscles and brain. This tattoo doesn’t cause any irritation so a person can wear it for long time. It also has built in LED for visual feedback. According to Rogers, this device has a potential to work as human-computer interface

Source: TechnologyReview

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