Print Your Pictures Instantly Using The Polaroid Instant 3X4 Mobile Printer

Polaroid Instant 3X4 Mobile Printer provides the solution of instant printing from your mobile phone or digital camera. This portable printer can print off 3” x 4” images in a matter of seconds, and it compatible with mostly mobile devices.

It allows printing via Bluetooth or USB cable in no time. The best feature of this gadget is automatic image quality optimization with water-resistant, other features are: tear-proof, smudge-proof and peel-off prints.

Polaroid Instant 3X4 Mobile Printer uses a special paper, this paper already has the colors imbedded in them, and so there is no worry of ink shortage unlike the common printers. The color activation by the printer is done via heat using ZINK technology. The cost of this 2-pounds printer is $170.


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