Bang & Olufsen High-End Speakers for iPhone and iPad

If you have some money to spare, and would like to impress your friends and family, who are coming to your house in coming holidays, you could get this awesome looking speakers, BeoSound 8, from Bang & Olufsen.
Bang & Olufsen, the Danish company that made the BeoSound 8, said the speakers are designed to be light, well-suited to be placed on just about any place you want it to be – on a wall bracket, in a corder, or freestanding. The speakers have a AUX port, a dedicated remote, and stream music from a computer over Wi-Fi using Airport Express.

“We believe BeoSound 8 will resonate with many new and existing customers due to its many color options, versatile wall and table mounting solutions, and unrivalled sound quality,” said Zean Nielsen, President of Bang & Olufsen. “It sets a new standard for hi-fi sound from a sound dock.”

The selling price of these speakers are quite high – $1000.

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