Apple iPhone getting geared to hit T-Mobile USA too 
What do we have here? A white prototype iPhone 4 running on the T-Mobile USA 3G network has been spotted. It looks like the magenta-loving carrier will be getting the Apple iPhone too, just like like Verizon did a few months ago.

Now, the phone hasn’t entered mass production or anything - it’s just a prototype, but this means that we could actually see the next generation iPhone run on T-Mobile USA network as well.

For the uninitiated, T-Mobile uses the rare AWS 3G band (1700Mhz). None of the iPhones released so far has supported that band so what we are seeing here is obviously a new device.

The prototype iPhone 4 is running a test version of the iOS. It includes internal Apple apps such as Apple’s employee directory and Radar app, so it's almost certain that it's the real deal. To further prove this, the device has a new model number - N94. The Verizon version is N92 and the GSM model is N90.

Despite the ongoing AT&T and T-Mobile USA merger that’s pending approval of the US authorities, a T-Mobile version of the iPhone 5 looks pretty certain.


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