The iris recognition flash drive

Tech Irikon Flash Memory
No one wants his data stolen. Now, you can protect your files with state-of-the-art iris recognition. The Rehoboth Tech Irikon Flash Memory drive scans your eyes, then won’t function again until you give it your loving gaze. The drives are sold in one gig, two gig, and four gig sizes. Rehoboth Tech promises it scans within two seconds and can recognize you from six centimeters away. These aren’t for sale just yet, so no word on pricing.

Luxurious design and excellent portability
Fast and accurate operation by iris authentication
User registration for up to 20 Iris templates (256-bit iris template encryption)
Easy to use : Plug and Play via USB port
Available flash memory capacity : 1GB / 2GB / 4GB
Power recharged via USB port

Technical Specifications:
Recognition Time – 2 sec. or less
Max Registration data – 20 irises
Eye image capturing range – 6Cm
USB interface – USB v 1.1 and above
Input power – Rechargeable battery & USB power
Operating temperature – -5 ~ 40′C
Operating humidity – 20 ~ 95%
False Reject Rate (FRR) – 0.1% (1/1000)
False Acceptance Rate (FAR) – 0.000083% (1/1200000)
Dimensions – 30 (D) x 88 (W) x 12 (H) (mm) Weight 25g

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