GM Watch Phone – The Kind of Handset James Bond Would Use

Have you ever thought that it would be neat to have some of the awesome gadgets that James Bond used? I know you have… we all have. Of course, we can not all afford someone to design us such stylish new inventions, but thanks to GM (General Mobile), now there is one piece of James Bond’s arsenal we can all get our hands on… for a price: a cellular phone built into a watch!
GM Watch Phone
 The M500 watch phone will be the newest thing from General Mobile, and they will release this amazing new technology some times this year. The m500 will features a 1.5 inch OLED touch screen display to help users navigate their options and menus with ease and accuracy. The M500 will also boast tri-band GSM with data coming through a GPRS connection. Not only will you have a sleek new design to brag on, but you can stay connected as you do so.
You can also expect to take full advantage of all the other features users expect such as Bluetooth and various other applications such as an organizer, a world clock (fitting for a watch phone to have accurate time no matter where in the world you happen to be at the moment), a calendar and a stop watch. Do not forget about storage! Users will be able to take advantage of a 128 MB internal storage. This phone can be charged via a USB port, making it convenient as well as stylish. Pricing and availability not yet released.

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