Compact Tech Gadgets – New ERA of Electronics World

Now a days, technical world is creating amazing designs and extreme integrated toys than ever. One small toy can do 10 things and still fit in palm, yeah, that’s goal. For example, any mobile phone, digital cameras, USB drives, compact laptop, GPS systems and TVs. And, surprisingly everything is perfect, rocking and world is behind of it so is me J.

I was reading gizmodo and found this beautiful design of DVD player so amazed, and don’t know what to imagine for future.

Today’s compact electronic systems have levels of functionality unimaginable even five years ago. My surprise with not with size of equipment but electronics gadgets have multiple functionality and all are integrated. Think of ancient computer, floppy drive 3.5” inch, Winchester disk of 20MB, mechanical phone and workforce to deliver one text message to different location via telegram, Cassette player, DVD player and monster size TV vs LCD panel TV, gamebox to play MARIO game J and now all are in one tiny mini instrument known is iPhone ( any Mobile phones ), iPod or DVD player.

I had always hard time to play Rubik’s Cube puzzle and solve and compare to that genius working on unimaginable design are unbelievable. Not only toy should compact but again satisfied Industrial Design (external look), Human Interface Design ( user navigation controls ), Engineering Services ( function ) and Interconnect Design.


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