USB Mouse with VoIP technology

We have reviewed a few VoIP enabled devices recently. There where telephones that had this technology, mice and other accessories. Here is another accessory that can be used as a telephone when you talk using Skype.

You don't see these gadgets very often in the stores because they are not very popular. However, this one might be one of the best ones. This is the VM-01L from Skype-on. You can use it as a usual mouse and transform it into a phone by just flipping it open.

When you flip it open it turns into a regular phone that has all the features of the phone. There are even the number keys and you can dial the number playing your favorite game.

This mouse is different and is much more sophisticated than the ones that I have seen before. Besides, having the VoIP technology built in it has some more features that I would love to use.

1. It has a TFT display that has the resolution of 128 x 64 pixels where you can see all the info that you need. It is very comfortable because you can see who is calling when watching a video or working on some graphics when you do not see the notification on the computer monitor.

2. USB be cable 1.5 meters long. I uses USB 1.1, however it is still enough for the mouse and phone features.

3. The thing I like about the mouse part is the resolution of optical sensor. It is 1000 DPI which is pretty good for a mouse and especially a mouse like this.

4. The thing I like the most about this gadget is that you can connect 2.5 mm headphones with microphone and talk to anybody you want still having your mouse on the table. This is very comfortable because if not having this technology your would have to buy another mouse or just wait when you finish the talk if you want to do something on your computer while talking.

This mouse is not big and its shape is made in the classic style so no surprises here. Its dimensions are 55 mm x 105 mm x 33 mm. It is smaller then my regular mouse at home. And it weighs amazing 85 grams so it is lighter then a cell phone.

You can buy this mouse for about $ 40 to $ 50.

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