Rings that can help us communicate with each other...

Or not, who knows? The thing about these rings is very unusual it will prevent us from that small introduction so you can start talking to the person like you already know him.

Each ring would have the information stored about its owner. When you shake hands with somebody else the ring will transmit your information and till download the information from his or her ring.

You can read the info about the man later on when you have some free time to find out who you have been talking to. Besides, this gadget stores all the information like his or her name, phone number business etc. It would be very convenient to use them because you wouldn't need any business cards anymore.

It is very convenient on one hand. When you are at somebody's party and you do not know anybody it is very easy to make friends and just to talk to somebody.

The technology is progressing so fast that these rings are now possible to make. These rings are a concept and they are not being produced yet. However I think that they will appear in future because it saves a whole bunch of time to people.

There is problem with these gadget rings too. First is that you have to necessary shake hands with the person that you want to meet. I heard some people say that it will help the bacteria spread and stuff. I do not really agree with that but I think that the range of work of these rings should be increased to several inches so people do not have to touch each other's hands.

The other problem about this rings and I think very serious. You get the information about the man later on when you have some free time. Why don't they make it readable at the moment you get it? When you meet a person you do not even know his name. So I think that these gadgets should have some kind of reading assistant or something like that to help you find out more about the person that you have just met.

The opinion that only the freaks and people who are afraid of touches and stuff would wear those gadget rings is not correct. Communication will still be at the same level. Of course if a person wants to communicate. However, if you do not have time these rings will save you the time that you would need to talk to the guy.

I think that these gadget rings will certainly appear in our society and very many people will use it. However there are some changes that have to be made in order for this product to have success.

Just another thought: Why do people create gadgets that replace communication but do not create gadget just to enhance the communication? That is a good question and I do not really know the answer.

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