High-Tech Glasses that help to Read Comfortably

  Unfortunately, as we are getting older, so do our eyes. This means that even if you have a healthy eyes and a good clear vision now, that won't last forever. Old people that need to read something need to carry a different pair of glasses - one for reading, one for main use. Technologies try to help people to step over these problems, from contact lenses to a laser surgery. This solution is the most unusual and high-tech one.

Vuzix SightMate looks just like a virtual reality glasses. However, it has only one "eye", and is made to help people with eyesight problems read comfortably. It is magnifying all that is in front of you, to make the image clear and readable. This gadget uses a combination of edge detection, contrast enhancement and optical zoom to help those with Glaucoma and Diabetic Retinopathy diagnosis. The worst side of this gadget is a very narrow field of usage - it can be used only when sitting down, because it impairs your peripheral vision very bad. Nevertheless, it greatly improves reading, so choose for yourself.

Nowadays, technologies can help almost every handicapped person to live a full life. If you want to improve your reading experience, if the poor vision makes you unable to read your favorite books, and you are not afraid of looking like a cyborg - this gadget can be interesting for you. However... Everything nice in this gadget can be forgotten looking at its huge price tag of 3499 dollars - a very big price for upgraded glasses. You can get a laser eye surgery nearly at this cost and forget about poor vision at all, or buy these high-tech glasses that you will need to carry all the way around you. Choose what is most appropriate for you.

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