The Sharp Aquos DX HDTV Has a Built-in Blu-Ray Burner


Never before has there been a Blu-ray burner integrated into a 20 inch HDTV, until this.  Sharp announced that they will be selling the 20″ AQUOS DX HDTV that includes a built-in digital TV tuner, the ability to play media files (MPEG-4 & AVC formats) and the ability to record video onto Blu-ray discs (BD-R/R DL and BD-RE/RE DL).  The Blu-ray burner will also be able to store over 30 hours of HD video for later viewing.  

Both the program guide (for video recording) and the menu have an excellent user interface, giving the navigation a smooth feel to it.  It has 2 ports for HDMI cables, and 1 port each for D4, VGA, S-video and RCA input.  Sharp also assured the sound would be crisp and stimulating by implementing two 5W stereo speakers into the HDTV as well.

The price tag will seem to be a bit high at approximately $1,590, but when considering the cost of a Blu-ray recorder/player and the monthly costs of DVR service, it may be worth it.

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