Amazing Gadgets to Deal with Emotions

Emotions are individual’s state of mind and are associated with mood, temperament, personality and disposition as well as motivation. Majority of people don’t know how to deal with emotions so they are unable to control their emotional feelings. As a result, they have endured painful life situations due to their worse behaviors. If you want to maintain your friendly relations around your community you should have proper control over your feelings and emotions. Today human beings are blessed with several technological advancements and emotional control gadgets are one of these advancements. These amazing gadgets help us to deal and understand personal emotions and feelings. Below you can find information about amazing gadgets to deal with emotions:

Emotion Sensitive Pendant
Emotion sensitive pendant is synergetic piece of jewelry which can read “biometric signals” with the help of sensors. It is a stylish necklace that “combines conducive ink and textile sensors” to convey signals to other people who are also wearing this device. Emotion sensitive pendant is a best technology that enables you to better understand your and others emotions.

Philips EmoBracelet
Philips EmoBracelet is a hi-tech mood ring which has ability to “rationalize” emotions. This bracelet measures “arousal component of the user’s emotion through a galvanic skin response sensor”. This bracelet is designed on “Rationalizer” system which contains two components “EmoBracelet and Emo Bowl. It displays user’s emotional status via lighted patterns such as if the bowl glows red, it means the user needs to cool down, before he clutters with a situation badly out of an intense emotion.

Green Cordless Phone
FuChat cordless phone is especially designed to avoid ill-tempered talk. It senses your emotions and alerts your inner state through visual and audio effects. Green cordless phone escapes your healthy relations by saving you from making apologetic calls over the phone by alerting you in advance about your mood and current temperament. Green cordless phone sensors will identify your emotional state via your voice tone and body temperature. It can also detect that you are stressed, annoyed or anxious and also help you to settle down your emotional state.

ILLUMIO Mood Lighting
“ILLUMIO Mood Lighting” is an excellent idea to find out person’s feelings during a relationship or in a certain intense environment via LED lights. ILLUMIO features a curved surface with “16 holes and 4 light bulbs”. It reflects a person’s emotions through colors and brightness of lights.

Keep In Touch
“Keep In Touch” is an ideal product designed to maintain personal relationships. This gadget alarms you if you’re not dealing properly with your relationships. It serves as reminder to keep in touch with your friends and family by realizing you that your beloved ones are your real happiness. It works with “internet and multimedia” technology to alert you about your ignorance with people of your community and other behavioral matters also.

Emotion Lab Screen Light
Screen Light provide your response according to your changing mood and state of mind. If you lower different screens of light, the adjustable window helps you by creating perfect lighting to set your mood right.

Biofeedback Stress Watch
Biofeedback Stress Watch is best option to deal with all kinds of stress. This stress watch is equally useful to deal with emotional stress. This stress watch works by tracking your heart rate and temperature to prompt you to calm down even in extreme situations.

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