MP3 Player Running on Sugar with new Sony's Bio Battery

Have problems with electricity and recharging your batteries? You would not have those problems if you were using Sony's Bio battery that converts sugar into electricity. This would be a perfect solution for replacing ordinary batteries. It is not a very powerful gadget yet but as technology develops we will be getting more and more powerful units.

Sony has unveiled a prototype battery that converts sugar into electricity. But how does it work? All you need to make it work is sugar solution in each cell of the battery. There enzymes break it down that generates electricity. Then the electricity is being collected and directed to your device. The four cell (1.5 " each cell) battery gives 50 milliwatts of power which is enough to power an average digital MP3 player.

This is a wonderful replacement for usual batteries because it can produce electricity in places where there is no civilization. You will not take a bag of batteries with you when camping, however you can take a small bag sugar with you to power up your media gadget.

The only problem that I see with this gadget is that the battery is pretty big which will be problematic to carry around cause now it measures about 6 MP3 players.

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