Body Organs Send Out Information To Your Phone

When going to the doctor you could find out all sorts of surprising info and usually if there’s a problem it’s been going on longer than you realize.  Instead of making the problem wait until your next physical, you could always make your body text you when there’s an issue.  Thanks to some researchers at the Dutch facility, IMEC, that could be very possible.

Having some experience with surprise problems, (although having select parts of your organs sending out text messages might be an idea that some people would take getting used to) this would have come in very handy a couple months ago.  I had an extremely close call with my gallbladder, close enough that the doctor mentioned that death would have been a distinct possibility had I not stumbled into the hospital that day.  Oops.  See, texting insides are not so bad.  It uses Human++ BAN, which is a wireless body area network.  It’ll send you texts that can be shared with your doctor and an alarm will sound should any of the readings come back abnormal. Of course, this will not work with all body organs at the moment, but who are we to say that things won’t change in the future?

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