MIT Succeeds Putting a MicroMeter Camera on a Single Fiber

Using technology in textile is not a new thing. I knew clothes with magnetic fields, hiding in ultraviolet waves and even having some biological properties, anything you can imagine on basic physics field.

But, latest news from MIT is really stunning. Some MIT researchers from  materials science and engineering department achieved to create a working camera on several hundreds micro-meter (┬Ám) sizes fiber. The process is the following. First, they integrated eight light sensors into a polymer cylinder (25 mm diameter which is big) and carefully reduced the cylinder to a diameter of hundreds of micrometers.

The electron microscope scan image shows the camera in a single fiber in micro level.

Can you imagine a sheet of textile with a million of such fibers working together?
Professor Yoel Fink at MIT says that a folding sheet of telescope or obvious military applications in the future are possible.

Good news as well for secret camera professionals and dedicated amateurs :)

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