Some Funny and Interesting Internet Terms

Some Funny and Interesting Internet Terms

Googling: The Google search engine, being the most popularly used one, has made the word, ‘google’ synonymous to the concept of search engines. Searching the Internet by using the Google search engine is known as googling.

Copypasta: If a text is copy pasted from somewhere and posted in a forum, it is termed as a copypasta. The source is often unknown in such cases. Are you into copypastas?

Egosurfer: The web users who search over the Internet for themselves fall under the class of egosurfers. I am sure most of you play an egosurfer once in a while.

Netiquette: This term is short for net etiquette and refers to the principles of courtesy and consideration for the people using the Internet. It refers to certain basic principles to adhere to while using the Internet. The general ethical principles to be followed in relation to using mailing systems of the Internet are termed as email etiquettes.

Trasher: The users who search over the Internet using all possible means, sometimes even risking the Internet security are known as trashers.

Troll: Trolls are the users who try to become infamous on chat by introducing disturbing links, mimicking other users’ posts and profiles and fighting with others.

Youtuber: A person who is addicted to watching videos on the Internet is referred to as a youtuber.

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