The Invisible, Inflatable, Airbag Helmet


Whether you know it or not, this lady is wearing a helmet. It is concealed in her scarf.

I realize that sounds pretty unbelievable, as most helmets are pretty hard and cover the whole head. Yet this Invisible Airbag Helmet is crumpled up in the lady’s neck with an airtank, apparently. 

There is a video after the jump so you can see how it protects. You will notice how it can somehow detect a sudden impact in a few milliseconds and create this perfect shape of a helmet around the user’s head. 

You’ll notice from the video how the helmet can protect the user from all kinds of spills. Think of it as the airbag in the car, designed for your head. 

There is clearly some bugs to work out before this is used on real people. For example, how does the helmet know what is a real accident and what is a harmless stumble. In other words, it could go off at any moment. Worse yet, it could not go off when it absolutely needs to. 

Well, this is probably going to take a while before we can ride without traditional helmets. Until then, I believe that helmets are required by bicyclists.

Video Link: Click Here

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