Different types of MODEMS

Cable modems and ADSL modems are examples of faster modems in use today. Cable modems use the cable TV infrastructure to provide users with an access to digital signals. It harnesses the high bandwidth of cable television networks. Read about finding the best cable modem.

ADSL modems connect computers or routers to a DSL phone line. Some DSL modems allow the sharing of ADSL service between a group of computers. For a comparative study of DSL and cable modems, read about choosing the best Internet service.

Satellite modems use communication satellites as relays to bring about data transfers. These modems convert bit streams into radio signals. They provide Internet users with a satellite Internet access.

Wireless modems have revolutionized Internet access as they can offer Internet connectivity with the use of the very ubiquitous mobile phones. Mobile phones serve as gateways between the service provider and computers. Find information about the wireless Internet access.

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