Valentine’s Day Gadget Idea: Philips Living Colors LED

I think this could be an interesting valentine’s day present for geeks and gadget lovers. Or totally forget about valentine’s day. Turn your room a living organism according to your mood.

Philips Living Colors LED lamp is capable of producing 16 million color variants, surely according to your choice. It uses a simple color science approach. 256 colors x 256 saturation choices x 256 dimmer variants = 16 million colors. Besides, it is possible to arrange light density with the included remote control. The lamp consists of 4 separate LEDs (no heat emitting 2 reds, 1 blue and 1 green) to achieve the final effect. It think Philips Living Colors LED lamp works best when you use the color rotation function to change the mood automatically with pre-arranged intensity and saturation levels. I liked the idea of controling multiple LivingColor lamps with the same control.
Anyway, decide yourself. Currently selling at Amazon at very best rates.

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