Klik! Klik! Klik! Silent Mouse Please

Apple Mighty MouseI was lately much thinking about some of the strange ways of technology development. In near future, even robots will begin to talk like people, but we can’t get rid of some very OLD habits. The sound of mouse is the most irritating one to me. Klik! Klik! Klik!… goes to eternity. This should be optional for people who want silence. If you are in a company working around you plenty of people using computers, it becomes a really nightmare. So, I at last decided a way to find my and my wife’s ear-saver legendary silent mouse because I also often write at nights at home. Yeah, a dedicated click monster I am.
I could find a handful useful resources. The first one is Quiet Mouse website. They have both USB and wireless mouse variations which they prefer to name as QuietSmooth. I guess, they just replaced the mouse switch inside with another non sounding material.

My second discovery can shock you a bit. It is a Silent Mouse Software. No need to click on the screen. With the help of the program, when you stay on a link  it will show you a tiny window where you move and pause your mouse just a second and it will do the click. There are all variations like click, double click, right click, scroll etc. Honestly I didn’t try the product. It is what they say on their website.

Another (hopefully) much silent mouse called as Thanko. It is advertised that click wheel and the mouse buttons have been silenced to one-fifth that of a normal mouse that I consider enough for normal day usage, but I wanted to have a real full silence! Do I want much? Gizmodo reviewed Thanko with the result of disappointment too.

Second is Buffalo USB Silent Mouse. This one also lowers the noise but doesn’t eliminate completely. Unit does not work with Vista (yet).. Hmmm let’s look further.

So, here is another powerful candidate! Apple Mighty Mouse Wireless Kit. Everything is superb. No clicking at all. Everything is touch-sensitive. Wireless, cool design. Positive reviews. But, as you can expect from Apple, it only works with Mac OS X. So, you will need a Bluetooth-enabled Macintosh computer. I continued my search further as a poor PC user.
I see that it is a big empty market still except the first one I mentioned. Some smart guys tell us how we can make silent mouse ourselves. My current champion is DIY Silent Mouse. I will try to do it in my first spare time.

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