Super Cool Mobile Phone Wrist Watch

Super Cool Gadget: a fully functional sim-unlocked tri-band mobile phone, color touchscreen, built in microphone and speakers, bluetooth, and multimedia functions. This is the latest mobile phone watch to be released, and unlike any others, features a digital camera / video camera built in! Don't be the one to miss out: order it before stock runs out. What could be better than calling friends from your wristwatch? With any GSM SIM card inserted, this inconspicuous digital watch becomes a fully featured power house of a cellphone, with bluetooth, MP3, camera and personal organiser. Capture remarkable images and video with the built in camera and then send them to friends easily over your mobile phone network. Calls are simple too with the supplied bluetooth headset, or by using the watches built in microphone and speakers. Easy charging is achieved via USB, as is data transfer. The watch itself features a durable rubber blend strap, gun metal gloss surround and chrome detailing. The kit comes with two batteries, 512 MB micro SD card, stand alone charger and a bluetooth headset, so you'll be ready to go straight out of the box. With all of the features of a modern mobile phone slapped on your wrist you'll never have to worry about forgetting to carry your phone, and you'll lighten the load, and provide a unique talking point for your friends.

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